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The "All in one" solution for email marketing. With this extension, you don't have to buy several extensions to processing email and to promote your products. This extension allows you to:

  • create responsive emails that look good in all the major emails clients;
  • create newsletters to promote products or entice customers to your store;
  • automatically send emails to some events, e.g. an abandoned cart, an unfinished order, a customer that hasn't visited the store for a while, successful purchase and the like

Main features:

       1. Main

  • More than 40 email templates.
  • Coverage of all the system emails.
  • Responsive templates.
  • Flexible and deep template customization
  • Edit images or attachment files right in the browser
  • Option to promote products by adding "Vitrine" with products to any email
  • Option to add "Call to action" button to an email
  • Option to add QR-code to an email
  • Option to add customizable invoice to order confirmation email
  • Improved mailing engine which reduces the chance of an email getting into a spam folder.
  • Option to open email in browser
  • Option to add CC, BCC, attachment
  • Preview window
  • OCMOD/VQMOD compatibility.
  • Automatically sending emails at specific events (e.g abandoned card, successful purchase or customer not visiting the site)

       2. Newsletter

  • Option to send emails in the background
  • Limiting sending rate by items per minute
  • Limiting sending rate by traffic
  • Detailed history
  • Highly customizable Opt-in widget
  • Feature to filter non-existent email addresses
  • Enhanced newsletter page
  • Cancel subscription option
  • Import/export newsletter subscribers


  • PHP 5.6 and higher

You can test the extension on our demo site:

Admin area

If you have any questions regarding module installation or configuration, please refer this online manual

If you have problem buying extension from the store you may try OpenCart Marketplace

In order to update extension from version 2 to version 3 you need to do the following:

  1. Remove modification of Email template manager (Modifications page)
  2. Upload Email manager (version 3) (Extension installer)
  3. Refresh modifications (Modifications page)

Do not uninstall the previous version or you'll lose saved data. After successful installation DB version should be at least 3.0 (Support tab) or "Update DB" button may appear at the top right corner of the extension's admin area - click it to update DB data manually

Video manuals:


Upgrade to major version

Appearance customization

Contents management

Newsletter configuration

Opt-in widget configuration

"Shortcode" invoice

"Shortcode" QR-code

"Shortcode" call-to-action button

"Shortcode" social icons set

"Shortcode" vitrine

OCMod Used
Supported versions,,,,,,,,, 3+
Installation Via OpenCart Extension Installer

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