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The "All in one" solution for email marketing. With this extension, you will not need to buy several extensions to processing email and to promote your products. This extension allows you create responsive email templates and newsletters with detailed statistics that will help to boost up your sales.

Main features:

  1. More than 40 email templates.
  2. Coverage of all the system emails.
  3. Responsive templates. The extension allows specifying template's width in percent of available display's width. You even can restrict range in which template should have responsive layout. For example you can set range to 320px - 600px. So template's width will never be less than 320px and more than 600px, but within this range, will be changing depend on display width.
  4. Flexible and deep template customization. Template's appearance modified by means of profiles. So you can change the appearance of a group (or even of all the templates) without the need to modify each template manually. The extension ships with several predefined profiles but you can create as many custom profiles as you need. Profiles allow changing the appearance of most of the template's parts: background colors and images, text color, text size, and text alignment, link's color, link's size, logo's size, logo's image, and logo's alignment, profile width itself.
  5. Templates' fall-back system. You can choose to use a separate template for a specific email or use a general template for a group of related emails. For example, you can create a separate template for "Canceled" and "Complete" order statuses. To the rest of the order statuses, which have no separate template - parent ("Order update") template will be applied. The extension also has default template which makes it possible to "catch" all the emails, which have no associated templates (for example email of third party's extension).
  6. Add new template in one click. The extension supports automatic template creation for all order statuses and all newsletters. E.g. you may create new order status or newsletter and then click "Create a template" button - and get a new template without any effort.
  7. Flexibility in profile mapping. You have the choice to map (apply) profile on template level. e.g. you can specify different profiles to the same email depending on front-end language of a store or a store itself. Or you can map profiles on the store's or language's levels to a group of templates and then change a profile to all the templates in a group in one click. 
  8. Change profile's color scheme in one click. You just need to choose a base color and desired color scheme and all the other colors of a profile will be adjusted automatically to be maximum combined with each other.
  9. Edit images or attachment files right in the browser. You can rotate, crop, rename images or create and edit textual files and compress them. If an image doesn't fit logo's size - crop it in the browser without the need to edit it on your local machine, upload and maybe do it again If you make a mistake with the size
  10. Email personalization. To personalize template you can use more than 100 "shortcodes". A shortcode is a string ( placed in curly braces ) which is converted to some content - customer name, store's URL or even invoice table. The extension uses a smart shortcode engine wich makes it possible to use nested shortcodes. E.g. unsubscribe( {newsletter_name} ) } is converted to a link to the page to cancel subscription with the link text as subscription name itself. Also you can use conditional shortcodes ( also nested ): {if_products_sku( SKU1 ,SKU2 ,... ) }Conditional text{/if_products_sku} will show text "Conditional text" if an order contains at least one product with specific SKU. All template's fields which support shortcodes have a pop-up hint with available shortcode's names - just start typing shortcode's name in that field.
  11. Vitrine shortcode. This shortcode is converted into products' showcase. You can create as many such shortcodes as you need. Customize each: select products to show (bestseller, latest, popular, specific and such), set number of products in the set, image size, vitrine's caption etc. And since it is a shortcode you may put it in at any part of the template, which supports shortcodes: the header, the top, the content, the footer, the bottom.
  12. Social shortcode. This shortcode is converted into a set of social icons. You can specify which icons to be shown (facebook, tweeter, youtube etc), choose icons appearance from the predefined set and place them at any part of the template.
  13. Button shortcode. This shortcode is converted into a "Call to action" button. You can set button's text, color, width, height, border radius, "Call to action" URL and put the button in any available place.
  14. QR-code shortcode. This shortcode lets you create QR-code with custom content in any available part of the template.
  15. Invoice shortcode. This shortcode is converted into invoice's table. You can totally customize its appearance: set text color, background color, border color, text size, select which invoice parts to show, select whether to show products' images. Entire appearance can be changed with one click using color scheme's picker.
  16. Improved mailing engine which reduces the chance for an email getting into a spam folder.
  17. Build in task manager.
  18. Option to run emailing in the background. If this option is enabled email is put into the queue and then runs as a cron job. This feature improves user experience by reducing page load time.
  19. Throttle the email sending by the count of sent items. If your hosting provider imposes restrictions on the emails sending rate you can limit the number of emails sent every minute.
  20. Throttle the email sending by traffic rate. If your hosting provider imposes restrictions on the emails sending rate you can limit the traffic number sent every minute.
  21. History. You can choose the option to record a send history to see to whom and when email was sent, delivery status, if a recipient opened the email or visited a link to your store from the email. Also, detailed log attached to all the sent emails to see the reason of unsuccessful delivery.
  22. Newsletter. The extension allows creating an unlimited number of newsletters.  You may import subscribers from OpenCart, add them manually, import subscribers from the other newsletters or use an opt-in widget to allow customers subscribe by itself. The newsletter has a double opt-in option (subscriber need to confirm its email address by following confirmation link). Newsletter's control tab provides you with such information: a list of subscribers, graphical information about a number of active subscribers, number of canceled subscriptions, a number of successfully sent emails, a number of failed emails, newsletter conversion rate - number of opened emails and how many subscribers visited your store after reading email.
  23. Automatic blacklisting "bounced" emails - make your newsletter as precise as possible by filtering out all non-existent email addresses
  24. Opt-in widget. You can create a customizable opt-in form and link it to a newsletter. The widget can be embedded into page in two ways: directly inserted into page's code - this option allows to put widget not only to your store but to any site you choose; use OpenCart layout system - this option allows to paste the widget to any available layout of your store without the need of modifying page's code.
  25. Enhanced newsletter page.  The extension improves the functionality of OpenCart's newsletter page (Marketing>Mail) by adding: CC, BCC, Return to and attachments fields, ability to use shortcodes in newsletter body and subject,  option to save newsletter's contents and reuse it lately.
  26. Preview window. You can see in real time how email will look like.
  27. Testing templates. You can send test email right from admin area to test it look in real email clients.
  28. Option to embed images. The extension allows embedding an image into an email so it will be displayed even if email client blocks images by default. This option may not work on some email clients.
  29. You can specify carbon copy, blind carbon copy, from and return fields for an individual template and also attach files to it.
  30. Undo/redo template/profile modifications. While you are modifying profile or template the extension "remembers" changes which have been made, so you can roll back several steps or redo them again without loosing time and efforts.
  31. The "Open in browser" link shortcode. Add this shortcode to create a link to open an email in a browser.
  32. Cancel subscription shortcode. Put this shortcode into a template and customer will get the ability to cancel a subscription. This shortcode "smart" enough to cancel the current subscription or OpenCart subscription in case of general email. If customer has no active subscription - shortcode will show nothing
  33. Import/export newsletter subscribers - option to make a filtered import of subscribers from other newsletters, including OpenCart newsletter, as well as export list of subscribers into CSV file
  34. OCMOD/VQMOD compatibility.

You can test the extension on our demo site:

Admin area

If you have problem buying extension from the store you may try OpenCart Marketplace

In order to update extension from version 1 to version 2 you need to do the following:

  1. Uninstall Email template manager (version 1)(Modules page)
  2. Remove modification of Email template manager (Modifications page)
  3. Upload Email manager (version 2) (Extension installer)
  4. Install Email manager (Module page)
  5. Refresh modifications (Modifications page)

Video manuals:


Upgrade within major version

Appearance customisation

Contents management

Newsletter configuration

Opt-in widget configuration

"Shortcode" invoice

"Shortcode" QR-code

"Shortcode" call-to-action button

"Shortcode" social icons set

"Shortcode" vitrine

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