How to install OpenCart extension via Extension Installer

OpenCart Extension Installer expects package file to have extension .zip or .xml.

In order to install extension via Extension Installer you need proceed to Admin Panel > Extensions > Extension Installer (fig 1).

OpenCart Extension Installer View

Figure 1. OpenCart Extension Installer View

To start installation click "Download"  button and select an extension package file at your local system. If you making update of an extension then in "Files that will be overwritten" list you'll see all the files that will be rewritten on server by files from package. To proceed you need confirm file overwritten by clicking "Continue" button. If an extension won't overwrite any files then installation process will begin automatically after package file has been downloaded to server.

Files in the overwritten files list should appear only if this extension was already installed on server (extension overwrites its own files). If you install extension first time and there are files which will be overwritten you have to be careful - extension may contains malicious code which try to change core files.

Progress progress bar displays current status of installation process. On success you'll get confirmation message, in case of error - error message

To get meaningful error message you need disable error displaying (Admin Panel > Settings > Server Tab  > Error handling section > Display Errors fig 2) , since any error message which would get into server response on AJAX request will spoil data structure expected by browser.

OpenCart settings Error handling section

Figure 2: OpenCart Settings' Error Handling section

Normally Extension Installer will remove temporary files at the end of successful installation. But if you got message about temporary files which need to be deleted - just click "Clear" button to remove all the temporary files manually.

If package use modification file to modify core files by means of OCMode system you need to proceed to Modification page (Admin Panel > Extensions > Modifications ) and click on "Refresh" button to apply all package modifications.