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This plug-in enables you to create highly customizable conditional notifications for the cart and the checkout pages, which help convey to the customer your messages

You can customize:

  • notification text
  • a color of notification text
  • a size of notification text
  • notification background color
  • notification height
  • notification width
  • notification's border type
  • notification's border width
  • notification's border color
  • a shadow which cast by notification
  • a position of a notification
  • a call to action button

Events which change notification visibility

  • free shipping enabled/disabled
  • availability of the free shipping
  • card subtotal
  • card subtotal (ex.tax)
  • card total
  • a weight of cart contents
  • a product dimension
  • product category
  • product tag
  • shipping country
  • payment country
  • specific product
  • product shipping class
  • related product
  • product type
  • specific coupon
  • the number of products in the cart
  • out of stock product status
  • low stock product status
  • guest session
  • the customer is VAT exempt

Supported versions At least 3.5 - up to 4.6

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